Ellora Group excited to announce Vijay Gajra’s new website. In the new website (VijayGajra.Com), we have also improved the website navigation structure, structure of our content, project presentation so website user gets more from a quick read. The entire site is the responsive website so it gives pleasure experience to website users. In the new website, we have changed menu into Easy Navigation, In the desktop version quick menu on left-hand-side and In the mobile version menu with the drop-down. We have made all the UI & UX aspect which are smaller but impactful changes, all to make website user experience much better.

When we have started the project, we had big ideas, we have shared our ideas with our website design agency and we were getting more useful information and ideas from them. Their solution was to split our site content into two places (main website content on the main navigation and projects would be listed on the project tab with the category). If you would like to know more about what we do, then go to projects where all the projects are listed. The blog and other resources are still available, and only a single click which gives a better user experience.

Our main goal with a new site to highlight the Vijay Gajra’s work:

With no shortage of value or expertise, the Ellora Group is known for excellence in the Mumbai area. Vijay Gajra founded the Ellora Group more than 15 years ago and today, at 37-years-old, he continues to push the Ellora Group forward into the future. Vijay’s team stays at the cutting edge by employing innovative industry techniques while remaining transparent and true to the company’s core values.

Prioritizing safety, delivering exceptional work, and creating opportunities in the local community all top the Ellora Group’s extensive list of values. For more than a decade, Vijay has been able to witness these values continue to push the Ellora Group forward to a state of greater recognition.

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